Friday, November 5, 2010

Festival Of Lights

Let this festive's history be a lesson for us all ,
No matter how strong the evil's wall ,
Eventually light will shine over darkness ,
Symbolizing joy , hope & togetherness .

Victory of good over evil , can be found in a history of an annual celebration , TV dramas , series , cartoons , movies , animes , mangas and so on . The dark aura of evil will certainly triumph at the start of every prologue but eventually light itself will illuminate the whole story at every epilogue and eliminate all presence of evil :D

OWH DEEPAVALI IS HEREEE~ ._. Happy Deepavali to all my friends who celebrate it :D And to those who dont celebrate it >.> It ain't wrong to go pay a visit to friends who will have open houses right ??? :D The good food ! Mutton ... Chapati ... Chicken Curry ... Dal ... owh .__. I forgot some xD Hahas ...

The feeling of gathering together as we celebrate this festival feels rather GOOD ! (Y) =) As we savour our food , laugh over a joke or two , make new friends , greet old ones . These are little moments we have to treasure =) Reminiscence over the history of this celebration :D

"The power of light which makes us devote ourselves to good deeds . "

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