Friday, November 12, 2010

Graduation Day

D< bored & tired the whole day == ran up and down , back and forth . From the canteen back to the office as I was in charge of ushering parents down to the canteen for some light refreshments before the event started . More duty and sweat , less excitement and entertainment == And like about less than an hour before the event was about to end , some group of apes who WERE TOO STOOPID TO PASS BM DIDNT GOT TO GRADUATE went to some class and broke some fluorescent light and some projector thingy =.=" *SNORTS*

What a hectic day and next week , two more schooling days left till the holidays come . MUST GO TO SCHOOL and there will be a meeting == SAD !

Gahh , those good times are gonna end . The holidays will certainly come to an end ... I can feel it eventhough it hasn't started yet . Another chapter of our lives are gonna end , and the beginning of a new chapter will soon start .

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