Saturday, November 20, 2010

ICCPJ Carnival

:O Hari K was much better =.= more crowd , more pple , more stalls and more excitement :D today's carnival was kinda :x DEAD x__X" lesser stalls x___X"

AND 8D Thx SIS and Dav and Eli fer ze hugs 8D i felt so loved 8D Had fun with my friends > : D spent less cash (Y) Today was okay :D 'cause I had my friends :D I have no idea what I would do without them >:D More pictures snapped today =.= I look "good" in it :'] camera effects !

And == haunted house ? Broad daylight + haunted house ? nawwww == When you see a ghost you yell AHHHHHHH !!!! == not Hi there pretty nice floating apparition xD


  1. aww.. :') jie jie give more hugs next time ^^

  2. Dude....talking bout me friend eh? hahah....she was the one who uhmmm....said HI!, I'm eva to all the ghosts in the lame haunted house.