Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Prefect's Dinner - 2nd November


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How much we've paid , that's what we get . Guess it was good enough :D Funds weren't enough for some classy five star hotel . As long as we geTt to sit together and laugh throughout the whole event as One Family . Its already satisfying :D

We're not allowed to bring date partners along .__. sad .__. Dx< And it was great :D Fun-tastic :D Slideshows , dance performances , singing , giving out awards , lucky draws ( neva believed in lucky draws =.= nonsense ) Amnesia :O I forgot what else to talk about yesterday ... =/ yesterday was just fun fun fun 8D and 1st time in a very formal outfit :D It feels kinda good :D

I guess that's all for now xD imma go gather those fragments of my memory and join it back together so that I can tell you more bout last night :D More to come :D Keep visiting my blog :D

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