Wednesday, October 27, 2010

#2 - When Friendship Begins

I first saw you by the roadside ,
Now I see you by the seaside ,
I was afraid to say HI ,
For I am just too shy .

I thought you were some ordinary girl ,
But actually you resemble the light of the world ,
I stand and glared at the sky so blue ,
Then my mind just thought of you .

I tried to be nice ,
But you were full of spice ,
I'm trying so hard ,
'cause you're the queen of hearts card .

At night I look above towards the sky ,
Imagining you I will try ,
The constellations above create Aly ,
When compared to the stars , she's far more pretty .

*psst Adele~ remember ? =D

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much my bro.
    After so long, here's my turn.
    My poetry sucks, yet I hoped you like it.

    I'm never fond of strangers, I'd never know what to expect,
    As I'm beginning to know you, so far, there ain't any regrets;
    You're heart is as big as an ocean,
    I'd fawn at any of your marvelous creation.

    You'd make me laugh every time we talked,
    No wonder why everyone wants you for;
    I looked up and always thanked God for what He's given me;
    In my circle of best friends, now you're one of them indeed.

    There were times my life was dark,
    Then God gave me a few Angels, and one of them you are;
    I knew you'd shine as bright as a star,
    Because of your wonderful, beautiful and helpful heart.

    I'd never thought you'd ended up being my brother of Christ;
    Because I never knew how far I'd got to know you;
    Chris Ryan Eu, you're the best thing that has ever entered into my life,
    And thank you for always be there for me, and helped me on whatever I've went through.