Friday, October 29, 2010

I Have No Idea

Oh boy ... Today was a really tiring day . It was as if I've ran a marathon .___. Bus stops , boarded the bus , taken the LRT , walked and so on . 1st stop was Bangsar Shopping Centre .__. THINGS THERE WERE DIRT EXPENSIVE DUDEEE !!!! The normal everyday kinda chocolate bar you buy everyday costs about less than RM8 but here in BSC * Bangsar Shopping Centre * , imported good quality chocolates are about five times the price of that normal chocolate bar =.= A year's saving would all be spent in just a day there . Hahas , Mom said it was a place only for the Upper Class Citizens . As in , try driving in with a Myvi for instance , believe me ... No one would spare a split second just to look at your " ride " . People there come in cars you couldn't even afford in life >.> FACE IT =P And if you wanna shop there ... Your pocket has got to be LOADED WITH AMMO ! 8D

Hahas , just letting out what I feel about BSC :P One day imma go shop there no doubts :D And to those of you who underestimate me , I'll show you what my desire can lead me too :P IN YOUR FACE !

Went MID VALLEY LIKE YEAH ! But despite all the stuff I saw there .___. They're all just displays for my eyes to savour but not for my wallet to enjoy unfortunately so yeah .___. Bought this white collared shirt for my prefects dinner which will take place at Armada Hotel in a few days time :D I do hope I look good in it >.> With the pants , blazer , tie and so on :D Imma be like some posing maniac on that day :D <.< Its not everyday you get to dress smart with a TIE AND A BLAZER ? Try going to the market with that on :D Absurd right ?

I'm outta words Dx BUT BUT :D On the way back home -.- IT WAS DISASTROUS I TELL YOU . HORRENDOUS ! >.< Got on the bus after an hour of waiting . The bus stopped for like 5-7 times and as the bus stopped , more passengers got aboard than those who got down . SO ... Few stops later the bus was crowded more than my school canteen would 8D like about 35 passengers ++++++++++ onboard ? What if the bus made a turn during a narrow corner and FORTUNATELY destiny decided to let a girl not fall in my arms but to have her fall on me and my hands get misplaced somewhere else ?


How much worse can it get if something like THAT ^ happened ? :S Thank The Lord it did not :D so remind me not to take part in a crowded bus as one situation would make society recognize you as somehting you're not 8D

And yeah , OKAY THANKS ! Now my thigh hurts more than it should be LOLS . Tmrw should be a busy day perhaps ? I'll try keeping myself busy :D AND HAZIQ ! Thanks alot for reading my blog everyday and hoping that I would update it :) YOU TOO should update yours =) And to the rest >.> I'm not sure Dx

Remember that ...

" Decisions of today will define tomorrow's agenda "

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