Thursday, October 28, 2010


Futsal with the gang starts at 8 and I woke up like at errh =.= 7.25 . And I was supposed to be down by 7.30 waiting for Pravin so then we could head out for the sports complex 8D . Obviously I had to like , wake up immediately , my on bowl of breakfast , etc. etc. and so on . By the time I got down -.- Pravin wasn't there YET xD hahas =.= I hate to keep people waiting , if it's the other way around then its okay ;) LOOLS =.= All those ain't necessary .____.

Okay ! Now to the point 8D FINALLY .___. after about 2 years ++ living around that place called ARENA . Its a sports complex I guess xD 2 years ++ and I've never been there before -.- countless times Dalpreet urged me to like erh " eh come la , come arena moro k ? , tmrw futsal u come ah " I felt really bad as I had to turn down his offer because at that time DUDE ! Exams here and there >.> If my results were bad , don't bother talking about going out , MY PHONE , laptop , etc. ----> R.I.P *cries*

TODAY WAS FUN LIKE YEAH ! thx to Pravin , Dalpreet , Siva and Zayd i guess =) And I expected more crowd .___. we ended up having to play with five people in total =.= Others ? " fong fei kei la " *decided to come but did not turn up xD* lols . And yeah , as for Dalpreet =.=

HIS SHOTS ! If they're on target = GOOD !

Pity Zayd though .___. He's like a walking target *giggles*

THANKS Pravin !!! 8D For teaching me how to actually shoot a high ball .___. Usually my shots are like LOW , STRAIGHT , POWERFUL 8D . Okay thanks >.> I know I suck in football but that's not my area of expertise 8D YET !

Yeah and <.< all four of them had their headphones on :S felt like the only " SESATED " guy there =,= thanks guys xD

[ EH EH I wonder which smart guy wanted to display his might and power over shot of a ball huh ? The ball ended up on the street TWICE DUDE TWICE x] HEY !!! ssssshhhhhhh :X hehehehe ]

All the fun and excitement , when I got home ... Here pain there pain D< I almost fell wearing my pants .__. How odd :D yeah odd :D

But , overall it was sort of a very fun day I guess . Out of my comfort zone , heading out for a game of  futsal rather than laying my butt on the chair like I always do seems exciting :) Working out some sweat and having fun like I've never had before . Good times with these friends never seem to last long . Oh wells , nobody took pictures ... SAD :'( Maybe we should have had more crowd =) Things would most likely turn out better with more of our friends who couldn't make it today =D

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