Monday, October 25, 2010


It's been 15 years ... Only now i've started a blog . I have been wondering ... Why do people blog ? Is the word "cool" that runs through their mind when people start reading their blogs ? Or is it because some certain individuals seek some attention which their friends have not been giving lately ? So they blog ... Blog about how they feel and hope that eventually some stranger would just come stop by his/her blog and show some compassion . Some blog about their travel experiences , mostly that is how it is . They let the world know what they are up to . It's like sharing worldwide . I think :S

So I ask myself ... Why am I blogging ?
Is it because it feels rather great to have people read my blog ? Or am I just seeking attention while I post up sad moments of my life ? So ... why don't YOU tell me the reason why you are blogging ? Perhaps a little comment will do :)

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