Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Solitude ... When you set yourself aside from society and set your mind to " nobody cares for me" kinda mode , that's what you'll get , SOLITARY ! If you're not gonna tell people how you feel then nobody's gonna know what stirs in your mind . Tell people how you feel , let some certain people know your feelings and perhaps who knows ? One or two may be able to help you deal with the issues you have within . If you continue to potray a good and happy kinda face then no one will know the pain you're dealing with . Let it out , I'm sure someone out there would understand you . =)

" God made someone for everyone "
So start thinking that someone would actually even BOTHER to help you deal with your issues . =) To some people this may just be another crap people has been passing down to others across the world ( trust me =.= they say it out to make pple feel better but no one actually does what they say so yeah =.=" ) but do trust me that someone , somewhere , no matter the gender or age do look out for you . So when you say " nobody cares for me " bear in mind that someone will always be your ears , listening to every single small thing you have to complain about =) And even if no one volunteers for that position , I will =)

" 'cause when you think you need someone , I'd be more than willing to be that someone "

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