Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My friends :O either i knew them ,
  • 1 year , 3-4 months , xx days , x weeks , x hours , x minutes , x seconds
  • 3 years +++
  • decades and so on ( i dunno la =.= )
Much has happened ... And at times I do get caught up in the middle with little options to choose from as one choice may affect the lives of others , or even mine . It is those little details you have to take into consideration to ensure the outcome of the situation .
  1. Go for choice A = 1 party is happy and the other breaks-down .
  2. Go for choice B = 1 party breaks-down and the other is happy .
  3. Do nothing = both parties hate you
Sometimes its just a dilemma for me ... What I choose will affect the friendship I have with BOTH parties . Why can't some people just get along ? Must profanities , gossipings & backstabbings be carried out just to obtain self-satisfaction ? Neither of the following actions will lead to a happy ending . Can't we all discuss the matter over a cup of coffee at starbucks ? If not do you want this neverending war to just go on and divide us all ? 
If both parties refuse to compromise or let down their pride just to save this friendship then this incident will not be its last .

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